Anna, Sean & Buttercup’s Portraits at Ocean Beach


This session felt like something straight out of the movies! Anna and Sean tied the knot back in 2019 and since then, they have added the cutest little floof to their family in the form of their corgi, Princess Buttercup. They both have been longing to get a corgi to add to their family and were over the moon when they adopted Buttercup. She is seriously adorable and just turned one. It was her first trip to the beach and I’m not sure who had more fun, her or the four of us.

We spent such a fun afternoon with the three of them at Ocean Beach and the Dutch Windmill in San Francisco. The entire session was like something out of a Rom-Com set somewhere in Europe. We had the best time coming up with fun titles for what their romantic comedy would be. Sean was a whiz at thinking up hilarious names. My favorites were: Corgilly Invited, No Bones About It and Floofs Rush In.

This is extra special because Ocean Beach is where they had their engagement session done as well. We’re so happy that they have added Princess Buttercup to their family.